It’s been a minute…that I’ve written anything, that I have listened to these songs. It’s been over a year since the album was released. 

A lot has happened, some of it exciting, some of it disappointing, some happiness, some heartbreak. 

All of it, definitely a part of a never-ending process of growth, self-discovery and learning.

Learning about myself, about the business of music, about being a creative entrepreneur, about being an artist, a product, a brand and a company all at the same time. 

It seems like yesterday. It feels like a lifetime ago. The elastic quality of the dimension we call time.

And listening to the album as I write these lines, I feel grateful. Grateful for all the experiences had, the joy, the pain, the work, grateful for the process because that IS all there really is. A process, a journey. That is the goal. The results, the unavoidable consequences of our actions, the fruits born from the seeds planted along the way. 

Time to cherish the seeds as they sprout courageously through the soil of our dreams. Time to cherish the seeds that are being planted now. Time to cherish the journey, celebrate the learning and growth to be had. Time to enjoythese tiny moments of self-reflection and limited awareness.

My friends, I thank you for being who you are and allowing me to share my journey with you. Let’s enjoy each other’s company, love and support each other as we walk on this path together.